Deadlines, phonecalls, e-mails and meetings are getting you on your nerves 5 days a week? It’s time to relax, you deserved it!

As much as you love your job, for sure you need – once in a while at least – some moments just for you. Don’t use the excuse that your schedule is too crowded; you are never too busy to taste the sweetness of that ways that helps you to relieve stress.

Fortunately, we found out which are the best 5 ways to chase stress after work. We dare you to try some because, for sure, you’ll enjoy them!

Sleep well

According to researchers, 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night it’s an effective way to reduce stress. A good sleep is helping you to be ready for a new day full of challenges. It gives you the boost to handle easily all the stressful situations that takes you up every day, with a much more positive attitude.

For a good rest, avoid caffeine and other drinks that might stimulate your sleeplessness, like alcohol or Coke. Also, a warm bath in the evening could improve significantly your sleep.

So, keep in mind that a good quality nap it’s a free method to get rid of the daily stress.

Play chess

You knew that playing chess is a good method to de-stress? While you’re caught in the game, you’re facing challenges and situations you need to solve. Therefore, chess improve your cognitive mechanism, making you think ahead, not rushing your decisions and helps you to weight up the pros and cons of your moves. Correlating all of this with your real life, you’ll be more patient, and you’ll take your time in order to do the best choices.

The good part of playing chess? It’s an inexpensive way to get your well-deserved relaxation.

Get a massage

Massage therapy is used nowadays as an alternative treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and diseases. Besides, it reduces stress, promotes muscle relaxation and helps lowering your blood pleasure, in order to release your body and mind.

A nude massage is, indeed, a well-known remedy for conquiring the tension and emotional strain. After spending one hour in an erotic massage parlor, you’ll be completely satisfied. Firstly, because you will be released of all the physical and psychical tensions and secondly because you had the opportunity to explore your sensuality.


Meditation is an old practice used to train one’s attention. The objective is to achieve a mentally and emotionally stability, while focusing on a particular activitity, thought or object. In our day, meditation has become a powerfull weapon against stress and axiety. It’s a matter of fact that this therapy is recommended as a cure – and as a way of prevention, also – for depression, the disease of the 21st century. It’s enough to spent at least 15 to 20 minutes a day in contemplation to sense the benefits of the technique of releasing stress.