Your personality matters, and it is very much important for a person to stay strong and confident. If you are strong and confident the attacker will think twice before approaching you, also will hesitate before attacking. If you focus on maintaining your personality and setting your verbal boundaries with another person, then the attackers will stay in the limit, and you will not seem an easy target for them.

Attacker stays away from such targets that are sensible enough to sense the danger. It is always easy to go for the ones who are frightened and also confused at the same time; they usually go for people who are distracted.

Also, people who maintain a strong personality and keeps in mind to set the strong verbal boundaries are more in safe boundaries. This is one of the wisest and smart things that a woman can do to make the other person clear that she is not an accessible target for him. Also one cannot make her a victim.

Strong verbal boundaries

If you have good verbal skills, then you can use your words wisely. This can be a cool and effective self-defense tool. This Self defense tool can be used infrequent manner, and this can be a more effective precaution to escape successfully from getting into any danger as compared with physical techniques.

Whenever attack or a predator approaches you, he tries to interview you and tries to know more about you. If you are bad at your verbal boundaries or skills, then it will make you a good victim.

  • A person with strong word boundaries and strong personality and show that she is not scared and vulnerable can make the attacker change his decision.

Defend yourself

Defend yourself in a manner that the predator knows that you cannot be an easy victim. Practiced attackers are very much expert with their words, and they freeze you with fear. Most of the time it happens, attacker send you in a zone where you feel helpless and stop defending yourself. Make sure that you are not confused at all and if you are not good at verbal skills then make sure you have your safety gear with you, such as pepper spray.

How to use pepper spray is very easy to learn. One can easily pick up the pepper spray and spray it on the eyes of an attacker to escape from an uncomfortable situation.