Ever had a thought of buying a butt plug? Already got a butt plug at home, but never used it? Not sure whether you are made for butt plugs, and vice versa, or not?

While anal turns off a lot of people, let us not forget that there are a lot of people who are totally into it. It is not that people just like “giving anal”, but there are those who like “receiving anal” and this includes some straight men, too!

If you are totally into anal, but you don’t want to share about your desires with anyone, maybe you need to get a good tail butt plug to please yourself. There can be nothing more satisfying than doing things to your own body and thus, if you want to put something behind you while you use your dildo for the ordinary “G” spot in you, maybe you need a butt plug.

If you ask us, we know that butt plugs are total YAY. Those who get turned off even by the thought of anal might not agree with us, but we would always want to give amazing points to butt plugs. They make you feel great, once you are comfortable using them.

So how can you use a butt plug when you are all alone and you don’t want to tell your partner about your desires for anal?

Get into your room and lock the door. Let no one know what you are doing. If you stay alone, we would still tell you to get excited about using the butt plug. Now that you have it in your hands, ensure to lock the doors and know that you are all alone and there is nothing that can stop you from pleasing your very own body in your very own ways.

Now touch the tail butt plug and feel it. Get used to it. If the tail is furry and beautiful, use it on the sensitive parts of your body. Rub your skin against it. You can stimulate your private parts with the help of its hard end. You feel great when you do this and thus, you don’t have to stop yourself from doing so. Now lubricate it, since no matter how turned on you are, your butt area won’t lubricate itself from its juices. Finally, insert it into your butt. Take it slow and get comfortable with the feeling. Click here to find out more