New York City has got some interesting and worth seeing places. Visiting them gives people the opportunity to break free from their usual life and experience excitement and refreshment. Greenwich Village is such a place which is perfect for people wanting to relax and unwind themselves. Having shorter buildings and a calmer feel, this Italian neighborhood looks more like a European city.

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On the appointed day, Lucas and Jasmine visited the Greenwich Village. As soon as they arrived here, they fell in love with its small winding streets that were made up of smaller buildings. The place made them feel as if they had come to some European city. Its calmer and manageable feel provided them a great respite from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

As they strolled through Greenwich Village, they came across many secret courtyards and small gardens which were nestled between unique townhouses on the residential blocks. These provided them a refreshing sight.

Then they went on to visit Grove Court where they came across gated entry houses. Built way back in 1854, these brick row houses were a blend of white and red colors which made them look appealing.

Then they visited the Friends Apartment which was a six-story apartment building. Its beautiful architecture left them amazed. Now housing The Little Owl restaurant, the building was earlier home to an oft-unemployed actor, a masseuse, a barista and a graduate student. The building’s Hollywood connection made them feel excited.

Lucas and Jasmine then went on to visit the Edna St. Vincent Millay House. This was the narrowest house in NYC. It was home to Edna St. Vincent Millay who received the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in the year 1923. When they came to know that this house was bought by its new owner in 2011 at $4.2 million, this made them feel astonished.  

Then they went to Rocco’s Pastry Shop. As they went inside, they got to see a wide variety of delightful pastries showcased on the counters. They bought here Cannoli. It contained tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough and these were filled with a sweet and creamy ricotta cheese filling. Tasting it provided them a delectable food experience.

Lucas and Jasmine went to Electric Lady Studios which was a world-class recording studio commissioned by Jimi Hendrix. He was a popular American rock guitarist, singer and songwriter. The studio had spacious and well-designed interiors. It had state of the art recording equipment and a mellow atmosphere. Visiting the studio made them feel rejuvenated.

This was the end of their truly entertaining and satisfying visit to Greenwich Village. So they returned home. Here Lucas and Jasmine rested for some time and then relived the great moments that they experienced during their visit. Then they enjoyed an intimate and extremely enjoyable sensual experience.

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