Breakups can be as painful for men as they are for women. Although guys don’t seem to be greatly affected by such an event, oftentimes, there are significant changes that occur in their life after they go through an amorous disappointment. Moreover, while women cry and share their feelings with their friends, men have rather weird ways to heal their wounds. In this article, we’ll talk about how guys get over a breakup and the psychological mechanisms they use.

Goodbye, but I’m still looking for you!

One of the most bizarre things men do after they break up with someone who somehow impacted their lives is to look for women with similar features as the ex-partner. Even if we all know the classic scenario in which the man leaves his girlfriend just because he wants something new or because he needs extra some freedom, unconsciously, the outcome is the following: he will start a new relationship with a woman who looks just like the one he recently broke up with.

Psychologists say this behavior is only manifested if the man has thought that the woman they split ways with has reminded them of their mother. Thus, even if the decision of breaking up was theirs, guys will look for a new partner who, in their perception, has the same characteristics as their mother.

Men hide their disappointment

Especially when they’re the ones getting dumped, men try to mask their disappointment and the fact that they were defeated. Some of the things they do in order to hide their feelings is hanging out a lot with their friends, drinking alcohol, and so on. Specialists believe that these habits show that men don’t want others to think that they’re weak, that they’re suffering and that they’re the ones who were dumped.

Often, they no longer engage in a long-term relationship because they’re afraid of a new disappointment. Most of them choose to focus on solely sexual relationships or erotic massage sessions. According to a study done by the famous Men’s Health magazine, men have said that after a breakup, they try to look tough and act like they don’t care about their past relationship. Psychologists’ explanation is a simple one: this is a behavior by which guys try to conceal their sadness.