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So, you’ve decided to try your luck at online dating? Great! Now you just need to write an eye-catching, memorable profile to get started. Easier said than done perhaps…

Your online dating profile is the perfect tool to really sell yourself. It offers a great opportunity to show people your best side – what you love, what interests you and what makes you tick.

You can also add some of your favourite photos to really reflect what you’re looking for in a potential relationship. But if the words just won’t come, we’ve put together a few tips to get you going.

Think about your answers carefully

When you first sign up to an online dating site or app, it will ask you to give some basic information about yourself. You may be asked to select from words on a list to best describe your personality, and you’ll definitely need to fill in things like your age range, hobbies, sexual orientation, areas of interest and the kind of person you’d be interested in dating. The answers you provide will help people to find you and get in touch, whether that’s by doing an advanced search, or because they’ve seen your profile come up in their suggested matches.

Think about your answers carefully before completing your online dating profile

This is why it’s really important to answer as honestly and accurately as you can so that you don’t risk wasting time with people who just aren’t quite right for you.

Is a deal breaker really a deal breaker?

When writing your profile, try not to have a list as long as your arm of things a person must have. The same applies to when you’re browsing through other peoples’ efforts.

If you’re an avid fan of long distance running, can’t bare cats or smokers and definitely would like to have children at some point then it’s tempting to dismiss people who don’t exactly match these criteria.

But it helps to work out what’s negotiable and what isn’t and try not to use any language that’s negative. For example, if you really want kids but someone comes along who definitely doesn’t then it’s an obvious dating deal breaker. However, if you come across someone you like the look of, but the only thing is they hate to exercise, then perhaps they’re still well worth considering. Keep an open mind, and remember the old adage “Don’t always judge a book by its cover”.

Write about your hobbies and interests

Your basic information’s done, so now you have the opportunity to add a bit more about what life is all about for you. Use this space to talk about the things that really make you get out of bed in the morning. It’s also fun to add something a bit quirky here. Perhaps you’ve skydived into the Grand Canyon or you love volunteering and once sat in a bath full of baked beans to raise money. It’s a good chance to make someone smile whilst finding out what you like to do in your spare time as well as what your career and daily life entails. If you love travelling, you could include your favourite spots to visit and why. Or you could talk a bit about your children or grandchildren.

Having common hobbies and interests is part of the recipe for a good relationship

Keep your personal description unique and fun

This can be the trickiest bit. It’s the part when you almost have to ‘advertise’ yourself to other users of the site. It’s this section where you can mention your character, what you find attractive in another person and what you’re looking for in a date or a long-term partner. Try to make yourself stand out by celebrating what makes you unique. Let people know the ‘real you’ (whilst still leaving some intrigue of course!) and keep your dating profile fun!

It’s worth staying away from clichés and generic phrases such as “happy-go-lucky” and “looking for a relationship”. Instead, think about what makes you stand out from other people. Are you addicted to carrots dipped in peanut butter for instance? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a bodybuilder or a bouncer? The key is to always make sure there’s a little humour there to keep people interested to show that you’re fun, approachable and friendly. Maybe do some research and check out online dating trends and what is currently popular whilst creating your personal description.

If you’re still stuck, it’s a good idea to have a look through other people’s profiles for a bit of inspiration, or even ask one of your good friends to help. Remember that most people don’t really read the full advert as they don’t necessarily have time to. They want to be able to scan through and find the key points, so keep it concise and interesting.

Add a catchy headline to your profile

A witty or otherwise attention-grabby headline for your profile is the ideal way to help it really stand out. The best headlines are ones which are open, honest and have just a little intrigue to them. You could put some lines from your favourite poem or song that you particularly feel sum up your life. Or just choose some words you like which show your humour and character perhaps.

Don’t forget to upload a profile picture

Nothing too revealing! Just something which shows you with a big smile on your face taken in decent light and with a pretty background. A good recent photo really does attract the most attention to your newly uploaded profile so it’s well worth getting right. Best of luck!

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