Ah, Prague. A city steeped in history, mystery, and all of the earthly delights we as humans are practically aware of. Take it to the next level by becoming a spy, thwarting the devil, or going on a city wide scavenger hunt to unlock the mysteries of its checkered past.

Prague knows how to entertain. That’s an unquestionable fact. From exquisite restaurants with the finest food, the world’s top escorts, turn of the century architecture, stunning art… they’ve got it all. And what they don’t have, they continually find new and innovative ways to provide it. Prague is no stranger to the strange. They have an exciting a brilliant way of finding out just exactly what sort of fantasy land we’d all like to live in and then find a way to create it for us.

For the beer drinkers there are health spas entirely devoted to the honey colored liquid of the Gods. For the men and ladies who love the men and ladies, there’s more golden flesh than one could ever hope for. For the intellectuals there are libraries and museums. For the eternal tourist, markets and statues and bizarre bizaars. And for all of us, there are now escape rooms in prague.

Escape rooms fit any fantasy you can imagine, making you a part of your favorite novel, action movie, or thriller. They get us to take part in the action of time past, present, and never to be. They are designed to engage your brain and your imagination.

What is an escape room in prague, exactly?

Escape rooms are fantastical setups that allow a participant to transport themselves to whatever context the room is based on. Mid-century socialist Czechoslovakia?Sherlock Holmes’s famous lab?A prison cell? The seven circles of hell? You’re there. They are generally not incredibly large, although, really, they can be any size. The Magic of Hollywood is then artistically applied. Great escape rooms have amazing props and support actors, that bring everything into life like realism. Once the scene is set, and your story starts to unfold, yourself, and generally a small group of friends, family, or even a band of gorgeous escorts (hey, it is Prague, afterall), are “locked” into the room for an allotted amount of time, and have to work together to solve the mystery at hand.

Solving the mystery of how to open the door is done by figuring out a series of small puzzles, riddles and brain teasers that are cleverly hidden throughout the room. So you think that lamp is actually a lamp? Ha! Novice. No, it’s actually a covertly designed cryptogram that unlocks a small compartment that holds an even smaller piece of paper covered in weird shapes. What do they mean, you ask? Keep maneuvering around the room to find out!

What types of escape rooms in prague are offered?

Prague offers its visitors almost every type of escape room imaginable. Some of our personal favorites from the top providers of escape room in prague are:

  • Insomnia
    • A spine chillingly dark take on escape rooms, Insomnia takes players into an unknown place, filled with creepy and nightmarish games, with only 60 minutes to escape and save your sanity. (Locked In Prague)
  • Time Crimes
    • Time Crimes is a portable escape room that comes to you! Great for team build activities for business and events. Time Crimes takes you into the future, or was it the past, to help save the future of the world from a secret organization that is manipulating time to take over the world. (Mind Maze)
  • Communist Czechoslovakia
    • This escape room transports you back into the end of the 80’s when socialist Czechoslavakia is desperately trying to repress the enemies of the regime. In an effort to escape the room and plan a revolution, you must first solve all of the puzzles without being manipulated by the clever traps that have been set by the state police. (Escape Rooms Prague)
  • The Holy Grail
    • Could definitely be considered the “holy grail” of escape rooms in prague! This is more than just your ordinary escape room. The Holy Grail is a city wide scavenger hunt where you receive texts that send you clues to the next curiosity. With the Holy Grail, you can compete against other teams, or just keep it all in the family. Either way, it’s an incredibly fun and fascinating way to discover all the beauty the city has to offer and learn a bit about the country’s intriguing history. (City Game Prague)
  • Nuclear Bunker
    • Another socialist Czechoslovakia story line, in this escape room you must find a delivery documents, but wait! There’s a twist! Each player in your group has a distinct and secretive role to play, and solving the mystery isn’t just unlocking the door, but also unlocking the secrets that your friends hold. (Breakout Prague)

Know before you go

While there is definitely an escape room in prague for everyone, make sure you know what type of escape room you will be booking before you go. Some rooms are not suitable for people with epilepsy or claustrophobia. Others are definitely not designed for the faint of heart or children.

Rooms usually require a group of at least two, with somewhere around a 6 person maximum. Most sites also post their success rates for getting the room unlocked, so you can have an idea of just how hard your brain is going to be tickled, before you shell out the cash and start at the riddles.

Most rooms are under 150 euros per group and have an average unlock clock of about 60 minutes. Buyerbeware… these rooms are addictingly challenging. Getting them solved is definitely only half the fun, and it’s not uncommon to want to go back should you not be able to solve the mystery, deliver the documents, or save space time, the first go around!