Has the thought crossed your mind at times that your wife might be with another man? If it has, what step or steps should you take?

While many couples go through life with harmony in their marriages, others do not. If you are in the latter group, it can be quite upsetting.

So, how to know if your wife is cheating with someone?

Red Flags to Look Out for

When you think the woman of your dreams may be cheating on you, there are certain red flags your wife is cheating.

The first one would be a change in how she acts towards you.

For instance, is she spending less time with you? If so, can you pinpoint why this might be?

Yes, she might need to be spending more time on the job. She may also have a family member or close friend who is ill and needs her attention. Things such as those are acceptable. But what if another man is the reason she is spending much of her free time not with you?

One clear sign your wife may be with someone is when she changes how she acts around you.

An example of this would be if she is more secretive with her communications when around you.

Among such actions would be:

  • Doesn’t want to talk on the phone or text when you are around
  • Is careful with her computer activities while at home with you
  • Sets up her own P.O. Box for her mail

Any notable changes in how she communicates and when she does it are red flags for you to take notice of.

Another red flag you should keep an eye out for is when she will not commit to plans down the road with you.

An example here is when you’ve had a much anticipated vacation planned for a while now.

So, what happens when your wife is showing little to no interest in talking about it? Is this something of concern?

Your best bet is to sit down with her and discuss the matter. If she is becoming non-committal to the vacation, get to the bottom of why this is.

Still another red flag that should get attention is if you have a joint savings or checking account. Is she not contributing to it like she did at one time? This can be a sign that she is committing her financial resources to another individual.

Yes, there can be many or few red flags popping up in front of you.

The key is to spot when things are changing and decide what course of action is in your best interests.

Knowing When It is Time to Move on

Dealing with a marriage in trouble can be upsetting on many different levels.

That said it is important for you to know when it might be time to move on. The last thing you want is to be in a relationship where you are not getting what you need.

If you talk with your wife and come to the conclusion the marriage is not going to work out for the long haul, work to end it. Having a drawn out and complicated divorce does you no good.

So, if you think your wife might be with another man, are you going to stay put or decide moving on is the way to go?