If you have ever considered trying the famous Adult Sex Toy, do not hesitate. The sex toys are the millenary tool that will allow you, through kegel exercises, to exercise and strengthen your pelvic floor, as well as increasing the intensity of your orgasms.

Below are some benefits and drawbacks of Sex toys.


  • Depend on anyone: With your toy like Vibrators you will not need anyone to give you pleasure.
  • They keep you active: If you are single or you have a partner but you would like to have more sex than what you have, a sex toy can get you out of trouble easily. It will also help you to keep the desire alive and you can take the initiative easier if necessary
  • Free you from pain: Did you know that orgasms reduce stress, reduce headaches, menstruation and back pains and even improve sleep? The next time you do not feel completely right for whatever reason, look for your toy.


  • Fear of trying something new: Sex toys, depending on their size and appearance, can impress you if you are not used to them. That fear of the unknown can lower your levels of excitement and even cause frustration during sex. You could scream: all that fits me there? Try to relax and enjoy.
  • Dependence on your sex toy: To reach orgasm with a vibrator is very easy and may cost more when you try to achieve “natural”. But remember that an orgasm is a good mix of physical stimulation but also mental stimulation. In this context, sex toys can create a dependence on how easy and fast but worse, can put at risk the bond of the couple.
  • You have run out of excuses: As we said before in the section “advantages”, sex toys help to free you from various pains. You have already run out of arguments to use the typical excuse of “honey … today not that my head hurts”