And the agency for escorts is developing entire travel packages – a “dinner package”, “a visit to the opera”, a “sauna package”. There is a choice of one- and two-day tours with accommodation either in apartments or cottages. A day for two in this cottage Rs. 190 (this is in addition to the price of the girl).

Finding a girl or a guy for an escort in the country is secure. The correspondent counted on the Internet at least six major specialized Bangalore escorts agencies. And if you type in the search term “girl escort”, only Google will give out about 46 thousand pages of relevant content.

On the social package

We have excellent conditions, a friendly team and a full social package. We offer free work schedules and the opportunity to combine with training. As well as free visits to beauty salons, fitness centres, material assistance and much more. Such an escort services in Bangalore recruitment envy any legal company.

Advanced recruitment is not the only thing that this market is like with any other. To maintain the “sales” at the proper level, we have to work every day, providing a competitive advantage with discounts, special offers, promotions and renewed “assortment”. Today, escorts in Bangalore will spend time with you with an 8% discount, reads an ad on one of the specialised sites. Here – and photos of “independent escorts in Bangalore” in enticing positions. To all, this industry requires significant investments. You can count on a severe catch, having previously invested in yourself an amount comparable to the cost of a subcompact foreign car.

Some try to fool the manager. For example, amicably, call girls in Bangalore cannot exchange phone numbers with a client, that is, communication should be only through a manager. But someone starts to communicate directly because it is beneficial to both parties. Youcannot do that. Because there is some karma: the more you share with someone, the more you get, and it works one hundred per cent. “Pay taxes and sleep well” is my motto.

Familiar girls who worked without a manager had many unpleasant stories with money. This is a classic of the genre when you come to a client, do not take the money forward, everything happens, and then the dude says to you: “What, what money? You know nothing. You came to them, and you had already liked each other. “

What is Usually faced by the Escorts of Untrusted Agencies

“Sometimes they pay with counterfeit money. You also can have such a case. He invited me to visit a very, very well-known oligarch, gave money in rupees. After some time I went to change them to the bank, and I did not accept one bill, because it turned out to be fake. Most likely, some assistants handed him money, which he has a lot of: they meet him, see him off, he sits at his place, like a king in his kingdom, and he does not go anywhere. These assistants are slowly replacing the bills, knowing that the money will go to the girls.

About security

No one provides protection. In agencies, of course, everyone loves and knows each other, but anything can happen. I’m pretty sure that no manager when there is a real danger, will be able to protect the girl.