Maybe you are a foreigner and want to go out on a date with an Indian guy. It will be necessary for you to keep in mind the customs and traditions of the Indian city Bangalore so that to avoid any awkwardness that cannot put you in an odd situation only but also a shame your partner. Being a foreigner, you cannot afford to attract unwanted attention. Hence below are given several DO’s and Don’ts for foreigner going out on a date in India.

Do’s for foreigners while they go for dating in Bangalore

You must put on a dress that at least suits the local standards. Get a date in Bangalore over website. The dress must be as per the customs and traditions of the city of Bangalore, so dress modestly. Goa tends to be very much modern than Bangalore or Delhi, and you can put on things like tank tops and shorts with no hassle. But in other places, it can get the wrong type of attention.

Usually, bars will close at 12:30, and they will not be opened till after 10:00, hence you will not get enough time to go around.

Understand that the concept of openness of the foreigners may be their notion of flirtation (in India).  You will find it out if you go shopping with your Indian boyfriend and start talking with the counter clerk who helped you while shopping, what your boyfriend says. He will say you were flirtatious with him when in reality you will be only trying to be polite and nice.

Inquire in case they own a car. Car ownership tends not to be much prevalent in India. Hence it will be necessary to board public transportation.

Understand they (Indians) will imagine the foreigners are less reserved or easier as compared to Indian women. It takes no time to encourage them. Simply sharing the phone number may make them guess you are interested in something beyond a date.

Stay safe. This can be true to dating in America also; however, it is very much crucial in Bangalore where a fair lady or white woman is considered a reward. Always let you know some reliable person where you will be going and about the person who will be accompanying you. Try to visit the public place and keep your mind on where you are.

Don’ts for foreigners while they go for dating in Bangalore

Never get upset in case their mother calls them at 9.00. The majority of the young men in India live in the houses of their parents. Also, their new bride frequently moves into the same house in place of having their apartment. Therefore, it is possible that his mother will be careworn about him and she will call him to see that he is alright.

Never attempt to offer to pay the bill. The foreigners do a lot in comparison to the majority of them do.

Be amazed by gallantry. It is still alive and in a good state in Bangalore. Guys open doors and offer you flowers.