How do girls get on the escort? As a rule, purely by chance.Coming from the provinces to the city of a millionaire, they work and rent housing. Often parents help, but the money is still not enough. Until a well-groomed girlfriend appears on the horizon, she drives a nice car, wears expensive things and decorations and can afford to eat and eat every day in restaurants. All the questions she mysteriously answers: “This is all an escort.” For Bangalore escorts who know nothing about this business, doubts are written right on her face, since in our country such earnings cause the only association prostitution, and nothing else. Even if the wealthy girlfriend says the opposite most often, the lack of decent profits, tiredness of routine and curiosity overcome all doubts, and the girl goes to the agency.

Her Offers

There she is ready to see everything, anything, but not luxurious apartments with expensive sofas and armchairs, on which, beautiful girls, slowly sipping cocktails and champagne, comfortably settled themselves.

This is practically a shot from the classic film about night butterflies, if not for one significant difference: none of the persons present has anything to do with the prostitute. Each is well-groomed, elegantly and stylishly dressed, discreet make-up, and even beautiful accessories are selected with taste. As a rule, experienced escorting women do not see rivals in newcomers and do not show unfriendliness, but there will not be a heated meeting at the agency either.


You can only count on a neutral reaction. The administrator of the escort services in Bangalore takes on the job, which is more like a strict teacher in a business suit. Even if the salon provides only pure escort, the girl may agree to informal communication at the hotel after a business meeting, but the agency will have nothing to do with these earnings (as well as possible problems with an escort afterwards). The newly-made model is given clear instructions on choosing clothes for meetings and tells how to attract customers and communicate with them.

What Usually Happens

One of the escorts in Bangalore is at first afraid of customers, with a laugh told about her working day at the initial stage in this profession. One of the businessmen quarrelled with his girlfriend right on the eve of a meeting of university graduates and was looking for a pleasant company in the face of a lovely lady, with whom it would not be a shame to go to a restaurant and introduce her to her classmates. The appearance of a young escort captivated the young man, and after talking with her, he realised that he did not need to look anymore.

Having discussed everything in advance, they went to a restaurant for a noisy event. Being modest and shy, the independent escorts in Bangalore shuddered every time a businessman tried to embrace her, but this was only in the subject of the whole situation and coincided with the agreed manner of the escort. The fears of the young person grew as the evening approached, but the young man turned out to be honest, and the girl did not receive vulgar offers to continue the conversation informally. They parted easily and naturally.

For several years of work, accompanied by call girls in Bangalore she met various clients — rich, promising mountains of gold, strange, funny, and even quite tough, but none of them showed aggression towards the girl. All with an understanding of her choice – an escort without sex services.