It is 2019, and by now, many of you will have already either used poppers or slept with someone that has, under the impression that you know everything that you need to know about poppers and how they work. However, how much do you really know? Today we are going to be sharing a few poppers facts with all, so now is the time to test your knowledge.

First, let us look at what poppers exactly are…


Poppers is the name given to small bottles of Amyl Nitrate which people inhale to create vasodilation (the decreasing of blood pressure), euphoria and a sense of excitement and heat. Poppers hold a long history in many industries including the medical industry, the sex industry and the club industry. One of the most commonly used types of poppers around the world is English Poppers.



Why are poppers called ‘poppers’? Poppers were given their name when becoming first available to the public due to the distinctive popping noise created when the glass capsules they used to come in snapped. For safety reasons however poppers made the move to small bottles with resalable lids, yet kept the name consumers had grown to love.

Poppers relax you muscles – Poppers are widely renowned for relaxing muscles, and this is the main reason why they are so popular within the sex industry. When inhaling poppers a person’s blood vessels dilate relaxing their muscles, including the sphincter.


Poppers can be used for cleaning – So you might think that poppers are all about having fun, but did you know that they can also be used for cleaning purposes. Poppers can be used to clean records, leather and so much more!

Side effects – The side effects of poppers need to be considered carefully by all users even though they will only affect a proportion of people. Side effects of poppers can include headaches, loss of erection during sex, sweating and milk congestion.

These are only some of the available facts surrounding poppers too, for even more information do not hesitate to contact your local poppers supplier today who will be delighted to help you.