What is the hardest, nail-biting situation you can think of at this very moment that can leave you all sweaty!? Why it’s simple! One of the hardest things to do for a guy is to talk to a beautiful girl whom he has never met before! You put in all of your psychological might in mustering up the courage to go up to her that you end up saying nothing to her after the awkward introductory ‘hi’.

Well, for all those singletons out there, pay close attention to the following tips which will let you have an idea on what to talk about with a girl you find attractive!

Be Ready to Improvise!

What is a conversation killer!? Simple! When you answer her question with a one-word answer like a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’! It is advised to take the more scenic route meaning, come up with a lengthy (not too lengthy) answer so that by the end of it, you two can have something more to talk about! Clever one right!?

For instance, if she asks you, “what do you like to do with your spare hours?” instead of answering with, “I love to go for long drives” you can go with, “I love to go for long drives with family” as it allows me to think about the times when Dad took us with him every weekend to the hills for a family outing.”

What you did here is you gave her with the necessary input where she gets a clear idea about you being a guy who loves his family and is caring! Now that is a win-win situation now, isn’t it!?

Be Passionate!

There is nothing more exciting for a girl when she is talking to a guy who is extremely passionate about something! Guys these days might think that if they go on about showing their pout lips and stupidly funny facial expressions, the girl they find attractive will be captivated by his manliness. That is not the case as girls can easily solve the mystery behind that funny expression you came up with at the bar! Once they are done unraveling that, chances are high that they will lose interest in you! Now you don’t want that right!?

What you can do is to talk about a topic that brings out the passion out of you. Even if you go out and seem to be a bit nerdy, that’s okay! As girls find honest and passionate men more attractive!

Don’t Forget to Have Fun with Her!

What you can do to add a bit of innocent fun to the mix!? Simple, tease the pretty girl in front of you with innocent humor, high-five her if both of you agree on a particular thing at the same time. One more stupid yet effective ingredient you can add into the conversation is to tell her corny jokes that are too mainstream yet funny enough to leave one’s tummy aching! It is one of the many ways you can leave a lasting impression on her where she will remember you to be a funny guy whom she can have a laugh or two with!

The above-mentioned points are all tried and tested and they are sure to help out a guy into having that conversation they always wanted to have with the girl of his dreams! It is also advised to be yourself and avoid putting on an act as girls can easily see through those!