It takes time and good money to get a good sex toy. Thus whenever you find it, you want to look for the best way to use and tender so that it can last for long and in good shape. One of the ways of ensuring proper hygiene and durability when it comes to sex toys is by cleaning them.

This article seeks to present to you some of the tips in cleaning their pleasurable tool

Do you need cleansers?

Depending on the type of toy here, you could look for a cleanser that would perfectly clean the toy. Most people would prefer soap and water to avoid a lot of expense. It may be expensive to always buy a cleanser, which might even be expensive. You could be the type that must have sex on a daily basis and therefore you can imagine how expensive it would be buying such on a daily basis, too costly.

How often should you clean the sex toys?

Sex toys should be cleaned regularly and this means after use. Take an example of the plate you used last night, if it’s not cleaned, it looks bad and can contact some infections. Same way, a sex toy is a highly sensitive tool that if not well tendered can lead sexual infections like UTIs. Again, you have spent good money on it, and you need it to stay for long and serve you perfectly- cleaning is the solution.

Are there toys that can’t be cleaned?

All toys can be cleaned. The only difference is that some are made of porous materials that can harbor bacteria. Materials like plastic can allow for water and bacteria to settle and this might lead to infection. To avoid this, ensure you have a condom when you are using them.

After how long should you clean the sex toy?

There is no exact time when one should clean this sensitive tool. However, reliable online sex toy shop advise that toys should be cleaned immediately after use to avoid contracting infection-causing bacteria. There is a lot of satisfaction when you clean the toys together. At least, everyone would be sure that they are safe when using.

How about drying the toys?

Toys should be dried before storage. Paper towels are the best in drying them than your bathroom towel, which can easily harbor bacteria. Again, you should have some storage bags that must be sterilized on a regular basis to ensure that no contamination.

Like any other tool, a sex toy requires thorough cleaning for it to work perfectly and last for long. With a good cleaning, sexual infections are kept at bay.