If you are aspiring to date a cougar, you have quite a job on your hands. It is not simply a matter of visiting a cougar dating site, and going down for a session of cougar dating. Cougar dating online requires tact, patience and a gift of the gab. Getting a woman attracted to you and keeping her highly interested in the conversation is a life skill. Many people would kill for this skill set. Good looks can only take you so far, it is words that make all the difference in the end. Here are a few things you should be aware of when you chat with a cougar.

Keeping the conversation going

When you start chatting with an older woman online, it is quite important to start off on a positive note. It is especially applicable when you are chatting online. If you do not have momentum building up, there is little chance of the conversation flowing. The text conversation is one of the most difficult ways in which to build attraction, and it is ideally to be used to build upon initial interest that was generated in a previous meeting.

No errors in grammar

Younger guys make many mistakes when they text an older woman, and in many cases it is avoidance of these mistakes that keeps the conversation flowing. There is a fine line between keeping her engaged and making her lose interest. Do not message her very frequently, do not write too much, be a bit mysterious, do not go overboard when you are complimenting her and do not look for validation from her. Talk about a mutual topic of interest and shy away from talking of yourself too much. Personal questions should be left for in-person conversations. There really is no reason to text an older woman multiple times in a day. She has her own work and personal life, and is most likely to get irritated when you keep on sending her online messages all the time. Invest just the same amount of interest in the conversation that she herself does, even if it seems too little to you. Less is more in a lot of cases. Do not be overeager or overzealous if she shows a bit of interest.

Keep the conversation light and fun

Focus the scope of the conversation on the older woman in a measured way. Ask her questions which are specific and by her responses you can get a fair estimate of how interested she is in you. Do compliment her about her looks, but also realize that looks are just a part of the big picture. Do not forget to praise her for her traits, and she will like you for that. It is important that you do not dwell on the personal questions regarding her too much, move away after a bit of time to back and forth fun banter which will get her to open up more naturally. During the online chat, you will surely find a subject in which she has a lot of interest, and when you do, stick to it to establish a good connection. You can also chat about some unique experience you had, but only if it is really out of the ordinary.

Light and fun teasing

Teasing, especially in text is a very effective way to win brownie points with an older woman. Teasing is a powerful tool and it has the potential to turn a drab conversation into an animated and lively chat. If you are able to gauge and engage her emotions it is all the better for you.

Showing your value casually

You have to keep the older woman engaged and interested at the same time, and to this end, it is a good thing if you can casually display your potential value in a roundabout manner. When she asks questions about you, you can add fun and exciting facts about your lifestyle that will make her more curious. In this regard, if you play a sport which is tough and demanding, or have an unusual hobby, make sure that you bring that to her notice in a subtle manner.

Building rapport

The last pointer is to build a working rapport with her that will serve as a base for further communication, either online or in person if you are lucky enough to get a date with her. Initial attraction worked up over online chat can be magnified when you are dating in person, so getting the basics right is important.

Above everything, do not lose out on your individuality. The older woman is interested in the conversation because you are you as a person. Make use of this status given to your originality and follow it up with excellent and impeccable manners, and you should end up quite alright. Sign up on seekingcougar.com for more…