Sexual pleasure can mean many things to many people, which is the beauty of it. Regardless of your relationship status, you deserve to have some fun, for which sex toys are quite handy. For women, the choices are pretty extensive, and in this post, we take a look at bullets, dildos and vibrators and how you can buy one for your closet.

Know the difference

For starters, a dildo is a replica of a real penis and is best used for penetrative sex. You will find dildos made of glass and strong rubber, depending on the kind of strength you are looking for. Vibrators, on the other hand, are designed to stimulate the vagina, clitoris and other sensitive areas. These come with different settings, which allow you to control the vibration, and you can use some of the longer and bigger ones for penetrative sex, as well. Bullets are smaller variants of vibrators, almost with similar features, which is why these are also called vibrator bullets. Today, vibrators and dildos come in all shapes, including those that have a cock ring or those that have a curve intended to stimulate and excite the G-spot. Websites like have a whole range of choices for every budget.

Things to know

Before you buy a bullet or a vibrator, it is important to understand what you want from the product. If you are new to sex toys altogether, it is always better to go for something that’s small but powerful. In case of dildos, start with a smaller size. Keep in mind that your body will get used to the product sooner or later, so you may need a big one later, but don’t start with something that hurts you. What also needs attention is the number of settings available. The more you have on the plate, the better. Secondly, check the material that the product is made of. Silicone is an obvious choice for vibrators, and some are even waterproof. Smaller bullets can be often confused for lipsticks, while some vibrators are designed to look like massagers, so in a way, you will never have the reason to not have it in your bag.

If you haven’t tried using a bullet or a dildo, you are missing out on what you can probably enjoy more. Of course, go easy with how you use it and talk to your partner, if you have one.